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How can we help you?

Denalitek specializes in ensuring your network uptime, with a staff of technicians managing and executing a preventive maintenance plan through scheduled on-site visits.

You'll find that, in many ways, the way Denalitek goes about ensuring your network uptime differs from the approach taken by many other providers.

We call it The Denalitek Difference.

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• Microsoft
• Dell
• Cisco
• Symantec
• Sophos
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How do we ensure your uptime?

Denalitek's philosophy on IT network management emphasizes routine, proactive maintenance, to ensure smooth and predictable IT performance and costs.

Denalitek does IT differently

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Such an approach represents a stark contrast to the "break-fix" philosophy of many other providers.

The "break-fix" approach guarantees higher cost and higher risk, as the failure to assess and address budding problems leads to perpetual instability and fluctuating performance and maintenance costs.

Instead, Denalitek focuses on proactive maintenance, routinely reviewing event logs, hardware and software performance indicators, security settings, and other indicators that can offer signs of impending critical issues.

Additional routine "tune-up"-like maintenance tasks, such as applying patches and software updates, verifying virus-definition libraries, and conducting routine disk drive defrags and disk scans, offer an additional layer of insurance against network instability.

It's about a common-sense approach.

Task Priority Matrix
*.pdf / 147 kb

To ensure uptime, Denalitek relies on a maintenance task matrix that prioritizes tasks in terms of risk mitigation and effort.

Our technicians won't blindly stumble down a particular road because they've discovered a technical challenge that intrigues them while key maintenance tasks go undone.

High-priority, low-effort tasks will always take precedence—as dictated by our Task Priority Matrix (see PDF download at left).

It's about accountability.

The Denalitek Difference also ensures that a high degree of accountability accompanies all that we do.

After a task priority list is affirmed in our contract, regular task completion reports keep our clients updated about which tasks, goals, and objectives are being met, a feedback mechanism that empowers mid-stream tinkering for optimal ROI.

These ensure that the high-priority, low-effort tasks don't get overlooked in the wake of larger projects or ongoing troubleshooting efforts.

They also hold all our technicians to an accountability standard that just isn't embraced by most other providers.

Task Reporting
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Uptime. Common Sense. Accountability.

All part of The Denalitek Difference. Give us a call today.


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