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DenaliTEK Brings Cloud Computing to The Boutet Company and First Rate Financial
June 16, 2010


Anchorage, AK, June 16 2010 --  Anchorage company DenaliTEK Inc. today announced that it has finished rolling out a successful deployment of its newest cloud-based solution at First Rate Financial.  The offering is designed to provide reliable and secure networked e-mail, file storage, sharing, communications & desktop management without the use of on-site servers. It advertises cost savings by replacing the purchase and upgrade IT cycle with hosted services not requiring constant maintenance.

According to DenalITEK CEO Todd Clark, "Technology has finally matured to where we can offer small business owners more functionality than ever while significantly minimizing their costs."   After several implementations of this revolutionary product, the small business owners are singing the praises and reaping the benefits.  According to Jacques Boutet, the owner of the 15 person engineering firm The Boutet Company,

Our decision to move to DenaliTEK's "Optimized Small Business" server-less computing package has been rewarded with reduced capital expenditures and maintenance costs.  As a result of this migration, we have reduced the amount of I.T. maintenance required by more than 50% and avoided the cost of an expensive server replacement.  In fact, we don't expect to ever need to purchase another server, even if we triple in size.   The functionality of the server-less applications we now use is equal to or better than the performance we previously had.  I would encourage other small and medium sized business owners to seriously consider migrating over to DenaliTEK's "Optimized Small Business" server-less offering.  Being on the cutting edge of technology pays off!   Our compliments to DenaliTEK's knowledge and professionalism.

DenaliTEK is employing Microsoft's global network of geo-redundant data centers, professional Cisco hardware and redundant internet access to offer guaranteed uptime and is partnering with Sophos and Venyu to offer a full suite of data protection services. 

The company is now expanding its cloud computing initiative across Anchorage.  It is also leveraging campaigns in unified communications solutions, long-term strategic technology planning, risk assessment services, and electronic medical record systems. 

About DenaliTEK:   DenaliTEK has a decade-long track record providing industry leading technology solutions to small and medium businesses.

Contact:  Jason Troutman
Telephone:  907-865-3100
Email: jtroutman@denalitek.com
Web: http://www.denalitek.com


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