Proactive roadmap with attainable goals

In our experience, DenaliTEK’s 24/7/365 managed service has given us high reliability in system operations and data preservation, their talented on-call service techs and engineers have smoothed out the inevitable bumps we have had, and their quarterly business reviews have given us a forward-looking proactive roadmap with attainable goals.  We are happy to be their customer.   

Frank Thomas-Mears


Any CEO, Company Owner or Director of IT that isn’t taking cyber security seriously is a fool.  We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of spoofing, phishing, spams and now ransomware insertions this past couple years, and it is only forecast to get worse.  While ransomware has been mostly directed at larger public and private institutions, they will eventually get around to smaller businesses as well.  ASM Global manages over 300 stadiums, arenas, convention centers on five continents and we’ve experienced several cyber security incursions.  A successful ransomware attack, spam or phish can be incredibly disruptive to an origination’s operation, it’s clients and ultimately, it’s bottom line.  I couldn’t be more pleased with DenaliTEK’s efforts to bringing industry best practices to thwart cybercrime and in general upkeep of our network, network access and security.

Greg Spears ASM Global

Not too big or small

It is important to go with a partner that has been in the business for a long time, continues to be run by the same management team, and is not too big or small to provide customized personal service and reliability - and this describes DenaliTEK. Having DenaliTEK’s managed services is like having an IT person on staff.

Dr. Anthony Makar Makar Eyecare LLC

Excellent technical expertise… 

DenaliTEK and their staff take a global view of our IT needs and are able to help us anticipate investments and upgrades. They hire staff who are easy to work with and have excellent technical expertise. DenaliTEK is very good at communicating about IT with people who are not IT professionals. We have hired a number of other firms, and DenaliTEK has been by far the best service and the best value. We trust them!

Thea Agnew Bemben Managing Principal
Agnew Beck Consulting, LLC

I sleep better

DenaliTEK has freed me up personally to do more billable hours and I sleep better knowing the firm's technology is being monitored daily. DenaliTEK knows the latest hardware and software solutions for our business needs. Our CPA firm works in a multi-office environment of cloud- based applications, paper and paperless workflow. Privacy, security, backup redundancy and disaster recovery are critical and DenaliTEK gets that. If IT is not your hobby or passion, it is best to outsource this critical function to an expert like DenaliTEK.


Wayne Eski, CPA Shareholder
Swalling and Associates, PC


For me, the staff at DenaliTEK feel more like co-workers. I am not treated as just another client. I have worked with other IT firms and even had in house IT, and never had the level of confidence that I have with DenaliTEK. The quarterly businesses reviews assure me that we are being looked out for and make it easy to budget.  

Nalani Torres Ophthalmic and Associates

Fast and reliable response 

They are very easy to work with, effective, receptive, and responsive to requests. Their response time is excellent. Our favorite thing about Denalitek is that they're a true business partner to their clients, not just a service provider.

Weaver Brothers Inc.

Guaranteed response 

DenaliTEK’s thoughtful, quality staff have a high level of ethics, credibility and offer top-quality reliable, responsive service. DenaliTEK’s quarterly business reviews give me stability in price and their guaranteed response gives me stability in service. I have worked with DenaliTEK at a few companies over the years, DenaliTEK is my first choice for IT.

Jennifer Holmstock Alaska Native Heritage Center

Removed the stress 

Moving to DenaliTEK’s managed services program has removed the stress of wondering when support issues will be taken care of.  Whether speaking to a technician on the phone or creating a ticket through their online portal, we know we are being well taken care of.  All of our team members are able to access DenaliTEK’s robust staff with any issues that arise, 24/7.

Bryan Miller Cange Group


If you are on the fence or hesitant about taking the consultation call, GO FOR IT! The professionalism alone was worth the 10 minutes. Their Network Assessment showed us how vulnerable we were with our computer network. As a client, we now have a 5-year plan so we can manage a budget.

Debbie Richey Alaska Serigraphics