Apple Wallet just got a powerful new feature that's sure to make it more attractive to busy travelers.  Thanks to an agreement with Hyatt your Apple Wallet is now capable of serving as a digital hotel key.

This counts as a promise kept.  At the 2021 WWDC Apple promised that it would be adding digital hotel key functionality to its wallet app.

Although it took some time to hammer out the details of an agreement Hyatt is the first hotel to embrace the idea.

If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or later or if you've got an Apple Watch running WatchOS 8 or above you'll be able to use it. You will select the key on your device hold it near the built-in sensor on the hotel room door and gain entry just as though you used a conventional room key card.

What's even better is that keys can be added before your arrival at the hotel so all you'll need to do is walk up to the front desk to get them activated. Best of all is the keys support alterations after the fact so if there was a problem with your reservation and you need a different room assignment all of that is easy to deal with.

At present the digital keys are only available at a limited number of Hyatt locations. However the company is excited to expand their portfolio and is hoping to develop a global digital key footprint in the months ahead.

Meanwhile Apple is busy making arrangements with other hotel chains and is currently working with a number of governmental agencies (starting in the US) to make digital government IDs a reality.

All of this is very good news that will radically expand the number of use cases for the Apple Wallet and that is fantastic news for anyone who's a part of the massive Apple ecosystem.

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